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What is Melasma?

Melasma generally occurs when estrogen and/or progesterone stimulate pigmentation hormones, causing dark brown or grey, irregular sized patches on the face. The condition, also called chloasma or the mask of pregnancy, occurs most frequently in darker skinned women, but can also occur in lighter-skinned people of both sexes.
 Melasma is primarily seen among women who are pregnant, taking birth control pills or using hormone replacement therapy. In general, the patches on the skin appear over time, and at first may resemble small moles. The patches are located on the cheeks, forehead and nose, and their irregularity in shape indicates the condition. When a pregnancy ends or hormone treatment is discontinued, the patches usually disappear in a few months.


Melasma doesn't cause any other symptoms besides skin discoloration but may be of great cosmetic concern.

Melasma treatment:

The principle treatment options include topical hypopigmenting agents, chemical peels, laser therapy and superficial dermabrasion. Treatment involves sun blocks, bleach, and time. First-line therapy for melasma should consist of fixed triple combinations. Where patients have either sensitivity to the ingredients or a triple combination therapy is unavailable, other compounds with dual ingredients (hydroquinone plus glycolic acid) or single agents (4% hydroquinone, 0.1% retinoic acid, or 20% azelaic acid) may be considered as an alternative. In patients who failed to respond to therapy, options for second-line therapy include peels either alone or in combination with topical therapy. Lasers should rarely be used in the treatment of this skin condition. I am not aware of a melasma cure. A combination of tretinoin cream and a bleaching cream containing hydroquinone may be helpful in fading some types of melasma. Occasionally, chemical peels or topical steroid cream can be helpful. In severe cases, laser treatment can be used to remove the dark pigment. For temporary help, make up can be used. Salicylic acid peels are not effective in the treatment of melasma when added to twice-daily 4% hydroquinone cream.

Home Remedies for Melasma

This skin disorder can be treated in the home by using simple remedies for melasma. So we are presenting some of the simple and effective home remedies for melasma.
  • Hydroquinone

      Apply hydroquinone 4% cream on the face daily twice for melasma treatment.
  • Suncreen

      Using sunscreen, helps a lot in the melasma treatment. You can apply shade lotion SPF 45 sun screen on the face each morning for the treatment of melasma.
  • Oil mixture

      Lavender oil mixed with tea tree oil should be applied on the affected areas at least 4-5 times a day. You can find the improvement within a week. This is an effective melasma treatment.
  • Aloe vera oil

      Apply the mixture of evening primrose oil, Vitamin E, and some aloe vera oil once a week to make the skin smooth and reduce the discoloration. This melasma cure is very effective.
  • Apple cider vinegar

      Apple cider vinegar should be used to wash the skin affected with melasma. This reduces the excessive oil and hyperpigmentation. Vinegar helps in whitening of the skin. This is one of the best melasma treatment.
  • Onion juice

      Onion juice mixed with equal amount of apple cider vinegar applied daily twice on the pigmentation helps to treat melasma. This is an useful home remedy for melasma.
  • Lemon

     Lemon juice is also very beneficial in melasma. The spots will fade away on applying lemon juice.


Melasma can lower one's self esteem, especially if you are conscious about your looks. So, once you see a discolored spot growing on your face, you should start taking every measure to stop it from damaging your skin. However, this can be difficult and might take time to be removed. Aside from that, the solution may be difficult – you may have to try every available product to know which one works on your skin. Thus, if you have melasma, it is important to consult a dermatologist or a surgeon to help you find a solution for your skin problems.

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