Beauty tips for You

“It's beauty that captures attention,and its personality that captures heart"

 Secret for Beautiful hair

* Aloe Vera is one such ingredient that is highly nutritious. Mix a little amount of aloe Vera gel along with shampoo when you wash your hair
* Mix olive oil and two whole eggs together and apply it to your head. Let it be for about 20 minutes and then rinse well.
* Massage your head with almond oil. When you massage your head on a regular basis, blood circulation on your head improves and thus helps your hair to stay healthy.
* Add few leaves Hibiscus (China rose) to a glass of water. Heat it. The juice of a lime should be squeezed in the sieved mixture and it should be applied to the hair before shampooing.
* Add 6-8 drops of lemon juice to an egg. Beat well and apply on your hair followed by washing with a herbal shampoo.
* Mix curd, lemon and mustard oil, apply gently on hair and wash your head after about half an hour.
* For graying of hairs, add black sesame and eclipta alba in equal quantity, chew one teaspoonful of this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach and drink fresh water over it. Take daily for six months. It is successful for all persons up to 40.
* Prepare mixture of Castor (Arandi) oil and water equal quantity. Wash your hair using this mixture.
* Prepare mixture of Shikakai powder, Amla powder, Henna (Mehndi) powder and Curd (Dahi). Use this mixture for getting soft and silky hair.


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