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What are Freckles?

          These are small flat tanned spots that can appear on the skin. Most of the time, they get no bigger than the head of a nail. These spots can multiple over time, and they can develop randomly on the skin for no real reason. Although, there are some things that can cause freckles to appear more often. For example, too much exposure to the sun can cause a lot of freckles. 
So who can get freckles? As many of you already know, freckles can appear on just about anyone. This includes both men and women. Not only that, but they appear on people of all ages. Although people say that freckles do tend to appear more at a younger age.

Treatment :

* Use sunscreen on your face every day as the sun is the main reason that causes freckles. Wearing a sunscreen is important to avoid more freckles. You can use a broad-spectrum sunscreen as it is more effective compared to other things. Try to reapply the sunscreen at least once during the day as most of the sunscreen will not stay all day.
* Exfoliate the skin at least once or twice a week which will help to remove dead and sun-damaged skin cells on your skin. The new cells under the skin wouldn’t have had much sun exposure and they will still have freckles which will be very lighter.
* Use a skin lightening cream on the skin as they contain lot of different ingredients including Burberry extract, hydroquinone, liquor ice extract and mulberry extract which can help to reduce dark spots on the skin.
* Spread a vitamin C serum on your freckles which has is expected to have been very effective in lightening dark spots. It can also brighten the skin’s overall complexion.
* Consult a dermatologist who can give a prescription to prevent freckles. Try to use more intense bleaching creams as they can help to fade freckles during regular application.
* Try to do photo facials which is a treatment that use laser light to fade the freckles. The light will target the pigment in freckles and break them apart. The pigment will be reabsorbed into the body which can give dramatically lighter freckles.
* You can also try an all-natural, home remedies to reduce the freckles. Use lemon juice, tomato juice, honey, sour milk, buttermilk and onions which have been shown to reduce the freckles.


Although freckles are not going to hurt you, some people do not want them on their bodies. If you are one of those people, then be sure to try some of the freckle home remedies that we talked about. These are a great way to remove freckles from your body once and for all.


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