Beauty tips for You

“It's beauty that captures attention,and its personality that captures heart"


Foundation helps to even out skin tone and give the look of flawless skin. Apply in the morning and set with powder to keep a smooth complexion all day.

            Eyeliner is perhaps the most difficult type of makeup to apply correctly. It requires a very steady hand, partially because it is so close to a very delicate organ. Poking oneself in the eye with a pencil is not fun. Eyeliner is also difficult because it's usually a bold, thin line that looks noticeably funny if it is crooked or applied wrong. With a little practice, using eyeliner can make one's eyes appear larger and give them an attractive, dramatic look.

People have different preferences about the order in which they like to apply their makeup. Many like to put eyeliner on before any other type of eye makeup, and this is especially helpful for someone who has a hard time getting eyeliner right. This way, if it doesn't turn out right, it can be washed off without having to remove the eye shadow and mascara as well. The upper lid is usually done before the lower. With a little more experience, the eyeliner can be applied on top of eye shadow if desired, for a different look.
Preparing to apply eyeliner is just as important as actually drawing the lines. This is why some people seem to scrunch their faces up and hold their hands in strange positions when they put makeup on. It helps to steady the drawing hand by resting it on something such as the face, or other hand, or by resting the elbow on a counter or table top. It's difficult to get a smooth line when your hand is just free in their air, because it will shake more. Finding the right position can feel awkward at first, but it gets easier with practice. Most people gently pull on the skin at the outside of their eye to create a smoother surface for applying eyeliner.
Eyeliner is usually done in a single line from the inner part of the eyelid to the outer. Some people like to start in the middle and work outward, then go back to the middle and finish the line drawing inward. For a typical daily look, apply eyeliner right at the lash line where the eyelashes meet the eyelid. Apply it in a thin line. The point is to make the eyes and lashes look fuller, not to have a noticeable, thick solid line across the eyelid. Too much eyeliner can easily make someone appear overdone. A smoky look is better for nighttime or when one wants a more dramatic appearance. This is achieved by applying eyeliner very slightly above the lashes and creating a thicker line. A lot of different techniques can be used to alter the appearance of eyeliner, like smudging.
Using quality makeup and equipment will make it much easier to apply eyeliner correctly. The cheapest brands of makeup are often clumpy and difficult to put on. It isn't necessary to buy most high-end brand at the department store, but spending a few extra dollars can save a lot of frustration. Makeup applicators that are purchased separately also work much better than those that actually come with the makeup. Eyeliner comes in liquid and pencil forms. Liquid gives a darker, more solid and dramatic line. Try both types to discover if one feels easier to apply.

Very Important
Best to do in natural light.
Look in a normal mirror, not magnified.

How do I do it?
Using an old mascara comb, brush through you eyebrows.
Now brush them up and place your finger on the brow area,you will see the stragglers will be untidy and randomly outside the regular eyebrow shape.
take a small pair of nail scissors and trim carefully away the stragglers, the ones which are far longer than the other hairs.
Now brush hairs down the way and again trim stragglers.
This is more important as you get older because sometimes the hairs become unruly but also a  little more sparse. And so not always good to just pluck as thin eyebrows age the face but by trimming you remain polished looking.

What is the best type of brush to use?
You can buy mascara brushes, or just wash out an old mascara wand

What scissors should you use?
The smallest you can find, nail scissors are perfect.

How do you know which hairs to cut?
The hairs which need trimming will be a couple of mm's longer than your regular eye brows and will be obvious. They are normally the curly ones. Some people wont find any at all, if you don't see any obvious ones skip this step and go  straight to shapeing which I'll discuss next. Always remember less is more when shaping brows!
How to find perfect the shape of your brows.
Apply bongela to area.
Take a good look in the mirror. Try to be as object as possible.
Take a pencil and place at corner of nose.
Now end of eyebrow,
The highest point of the arch of your eyebrow should be the end of your iris
Can you make plucking less painful?
You can run an ice cube over the area first, or use the gel you put on babies gums when they are teething. To take down redness  afterwards  you can rub a few eyedrops in, witch hazel is also pretty good.

Beauty is within you..........just feel it..
  • For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.  
  • It is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of a work. We must feel and be affected by it
  • Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old. 

   All these are famous beauty quotes that enhance your beauty and make you feel beautiful.

Definition of beauty:
        Beauty  is a characteristic of a person, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, sociology, social psychology, and culture. An "ideal beauty" is an entity which is admired, or possesses features widely attributed to beauty in a particular culture, for perfection.