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Facial skin health

Tips for healthy skin:


It's that easy. You should wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser. Water alone cannot remove the grime that clogs pores. Some experts recommend using a lipid, or "soap-free cleanser" in order to remove dirt but retain the skin's natural radiance. You may need to look for a cleanser specific for your skin type (see Quick Tips). When drying your face, blot with a towel. \
Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Apply a good moisturizer after cleansing your face and any other time your skin is feeling a little dry. At night the body regenerates the skin's natural oils; when the skin is too dry the body compensates by secreting more oils which could make your skin greasy and prone to blemish. Thus the moisturizer you use at night should be thicker, with more oil than your daily cream . But don't rely on moisturizers alone; dry skin is a good indication that your body is dehydrated and needs more water. Water is the best product for your face, and it's free.

Facial Masks.
 There are different facial masks for different skin problems. Some claim to moisturize dry skin, other claim to erase wrinkles, while still others claim to eliminate blemishes. While these products may work, facial masks are described by many experts as the most optional step in a skin care regime. Regardless of how beneficial they are, applying a facial mask can be refreshing, giving you a moment to pamper yourself physically and mentally.  
Steam Treatments.
 A steam treatment not only hydrates the skin, but it opens pores and detoxifies. You could buy a facial steam bath from the department store or boil some distilled water at home, add various herbs and steep before draping a towel over your head as you sit above steaming water.  
 The importance of water can't be emphasized enough. If the body is dehydrated the skin is one of the first things to suffer. Excess dryness causes the skin to loose its elasticity, which in turn causes premature wrinkles. Drinking water also cleanses the body, washing away nasty toxins that might manifest themselves in your complexion. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day to assure your skin's health. 
 If we could wouldn't we all jump into bed this moment to begin a skin-friendly sleep marathon? Unfortunately routinely getting at least 8 hours of sleep is difficult. It is called beauty sleep for a reason; at night the body heals itself and the skin is no exception. With sufficient sleep the skin has more time to rejuvenate and you'll prevent those dark bags under the eyes and dry skin that can result from sleep deprivation.